March 16, 2010

Quick hello

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I had a rough's been insane, life's been boring, and the weather's not really helping either. Booooh.
However, my suitcase is packed. Just the very important last little things need to go in and I'm finally able to relax. Until then, my whole body is tense and nothing seems to work as planned. I don't have time for anything anymore. Won't even have time to see friends. Well, I might have time but then they won't. Plus, I might not even be very good company right now. All I want is go home and sleep. Even now while I'm typing this and I'm about to fall asleep. :( So yes, I will go to bed in about five minutes. :D

I can't think straight anymore...not just now but for the past few days. I blame it on the big and ugly change at work. Yesterday my co-worker and I realized the way it was introduced to us in the first place was wrong and the new system seems to be nice and all but we can't say much now. We have to see and wait. I worked almost twelve hours straight yesterday to get things done smoothly and right. My head was about to explode. It is also now.
So my current life is a bit strange. A while back I was weirded out by some signals...signs that probably wanted to tell me something. This happened again. It drives me insane. It's also good but it sure irriates me. Why is the word California or any picture of it haunting me?! T-shirts, songs, shoes (yes!), articles, documentaries, and worst of all...five phone calls today...oh and one was from Colorado...but that was weird...the guy was calling around 4am his time...insane or what?! ;)
So needless to say, I am beyond stressed, exhausted and just not very good company right now. Oh yeah, did I mention my mom got sick, too?! Right. So not only am I doing miserable, now my mom thinks she's about to faint any second and I should concentrate on work, life, my upcoming trip (it's close, very close and I'm excited to see friends again...not so excited if the weather's bad, but I saw and read the sun came out and it's quite warm?!!!??????) and some more work and life issues???? I can't do all this and make sure mom is doing well too. I only have one head and two arms and two legs and they're in need of some pampering and relaxation, too. 

So, bear with me...I'm not even gonna do Wishful Wednesday tomorrow. At least I think so now.
We'll see about that tomorrow.

Everything will be okay, just as the picture says it...but still...right doesn't feel like it at all.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!

the exhausted one...I blame it also on my age...haha!

P.s. good thing is I am having gorgeous eye-candy at work...can't hate that fact!!!! ;)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Hang in there girl! The work week will be over before you know it!

Chloé said...

oh selma! i am so sorry things have been crazy for ya! i really hope that you and your mom get feeling better! and you are right..everything will be okay.. i used to say this quote with my friends in high school. "everything will be okay in the end. and if it's not okay, then it's not the end." so obvious, but so true :) love you girl! i'm sending happy vibes your way!!

angela.kolachny said...

gotta loveeeeeeee eye candy!!! yessss!!! hahaha put a smile on your face girl! you will be here before you know it! xoxoxoxo

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I'm sorry its been a rough week - hang in there!!

Swissy said...

I hope your mum gets well soon. And don't's normal to feel and behave this way when you have such an exciting trip infront of you ;)
once you sit in the plane you'll be able to relax...

samnhal said...

That is the worst. My brain has been really fried lately also. Hopefully your trip will help smooth out your stress level and things will calm down.


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