March 3, 2010

One Hundred Sweet Things You Will Know About Me

Months ago I was lucky enough to have wonderful 20 followers, and I posted a list with twenty sweet things about me...well, at the same time I also commented back to a wonderful reader of mine... because she suggested I would do the same thing once I hit 100 followers. is time my friends!!!! It is time!!!  
*click here, for the 20 things about me*
And yes, I'm scared like never before...because I want to give out little hints, and not open up like crazy because where's the fun in that?! You would know so much then about me and forget me and my silly blog. :( So no. I am trying to make it easy, silly, but very real and very me.
♥  ♥  ♥
And dang...that took me quite some time...I bet people around me would easily point out things for me, but it's taken me a while to really dig deep and find some true facts about me...random at some point, but still...very me...and still not giving out too much. After all it would be boring if you knew everything about me. Just what I stated'd know me and leave me. ;)


In absolutely no particular order... goes nothing and still everything...
  1. Vanilla is one of my favorite flavors.
  2. Piglet is my favorite of all...don't like Pooh that much.
  3. I can't draw, not even a cat or a dog or something that would at least come close to any of this.
  4. I wear contacts daily, but I'm trying to wear my glasses once a week for one full day.
  5. Having long eyelashes is my favorite thing about me.
  6. I could eat Sushi and Sashimi every day. Oh yes!!!
  7. Sometimes I may sound superficial but I am me on this.
  8. A watch is never on my wrist.
  9. I'm right-handed.
  10. My cooking skills are pretty basic and ordinary, but I'm trying to improve.

  11. Bath and Body Works is always my final stop on a shopping day - I live for Wild Honeysuckle!!! ♥ ♥
  12. My "nickname" in junior high was penguin. I hated it. I dreaded it. Today I'm okay with it.
  13. I type too typos and weird thought/grammar combinations result easily.
  14. My absolutely favorite spot, one I always return to and one I would love to retire in, is Santa Barbara, CA.
  15. I usually order Pad Thai at a Thai restaurant.
  16. My eyes are brown...actually dark brown.
  17. I love my first name, and therefore love to have things monogrammed.
  18. I used to sing in a church choir for over ten years.
  19. One of my favorite actors is Tom Hanks (I've seen all of the movies he was in...and by all I mean all...from the very early ones until today...).
  20. I always wanted to have a sister or a brother and constantly begged my mom for one. Her reply was it is impossible. My answer to this was why is is impossible?. She never answered. Today I know why. ;)

  21. Stationery is an obsession of mine. I literally collect that stuff.
  22. I talk to myself. I'm no weirdo, but I do that. It's part of the gemini-only child combo. ;)
  23. I'm a hippie at heart.
  24. Traveling is a hobby of mine. I wish I could do this once a week though...haha!
  25. My four best friends are missed deeply. Too bad the world is so stretched...
  26. I am a weeper...mostly when I'm alone so no one sees me cry like a crazy person.
  27. My weekly TV obsession is CRIMINAL MINDS.
  28. My second weekly TV obsession is BROTHERS & SISTERS (brings back home to me).
  29. One of my pet peeves is sock and gives me the creeps.
  30. When I wear socks they're mostly colorful or white. Hardly ever black. I have black ones but only to keep people here stable and not make them freak out.

  31. I grew up Catholic.
  32. Aldi's vegetarian lasagna is my absolute favorite; if you don't have one close to you I am sorry. ;)
  33. Neutrogena is what I mostly use on my face.
  34. I'm slightly obsessed with scarves.
  35. Raspberry muffins are my favorites.
  36. Most of my items have names. I just think it's cute.
  37. Baseball is my favorite sport. And's the Dodgers!!!!! *Sorry everyone else*
  38. BBQ Chips are my favorites. I could eat a whole bag by myself...jumbo size of course!!
  39. I love Betty Crocker!
  40. My long term obsession includes polka dots.

  41. My future scares me.
  42. One of my favorite hotels is the Bellagio in Vegas. Never stayed there but it's one of my fave.
  43. I can be very talkative. Very!!! But, I can also be extremely shy and quiet...until I warm up and wow then there's no stopping me. ;-)
  44. I love refills...wonder why they don't have that in Europe (at least where I am at).
  45. My handwriting is kinda cute.
  46. When I was little I used to stutter.
  47. All my ex's are married today. Kinda freaks me out.
  48. I don't have any tattoos. However, I really love the art behind each and every one. And I'm sort of addicted to the show L.A. Ink
  49. I'm 5'2'' and sort of proud about that.
  50. My heart melts when I see men cry. I go weak right there.

  51. I dread funerals. Who doesn't?!
  52. To me, my father doesn't exist anymore.
  53. I adapt easily, in every city, country, language, etc etc
  54. Surprises are wonderful. Not always, and not every surprise is fun but most of them are thoughtful and can cheer me up.
  55. I still have a few pen pals.
  56. Granny Smiths are my favorite apples.
  57. Today I know that I will raise my children bilingual!
  58. History was one of my favorite subjects in school.
    Even today I love it...can't get enough of the history channel!!!
  59. Disneyland is a spot I love to go to once a month but obviously can't. ;)
  60. I try to go to the movies once a week (even over here where it's so incredibly expensive).

  61. Roadtrips are awesome. Wish I had friends over here that would think the same way.
  62. In all honesty...I am a confused girl. Not sure why I stopped being determined and started being all so confused and blah!?!
  63. White roses are my favorites, my second favorites would be white tulips.
    Weird? Maybe. Maybe not.
  64. I don't drive at all. I rather walk or take public transportation.
  65. I miss driving, yes, but I really don't see the point in it over here.
  66. As a teenager I loved the Kelly Family.
    Never heard of them? Good!!! Very good. You so didn't miss out.
  67. Can't stand rap music. Although some of it is quite interesting.
  68. Making lists like this is really really hard, even for a chatterbox like me.
  69. An aunt of mine used to belong to one of the richest family in her country. I am not complaining. ;-)
  70. Movies are my thing. I watch everything...literally. So if you want to go to a movie but your friends don't want to go because they think the movie's weird, or not their thing...I'm all yours...I go to every single kind...the weird kind, the funny, the stupid, the sad, the cute, the scary...whatever!!!! Bring the movies on!!!

  71. I love currencies, and am so sad Europe lost most of its wonderful ones.
  72. Since Switzerland is so expensive and has weird laws and regulations on what to sell in stores...Germany and sometimes France are my best options when it comes to shopping. They have brands we don't, and price wise they're so cheap I'm literally in heaven. OK, cheaper, not very cheap. I am not the only one though. Apparently it's a Swiss thing. ;)
  73. My favorite month of the year is June. ♥ ♥
  74. I don't like my voice.
  75. I need to have a notebook/planner/agenda on my desk. So I can write down what I either did that day (sort of like a quick diary) or jot down how my future looks like (with possible lunch or dinner plans, or dates, or movie days or whatever). I'm not very well organized sometimes I admit that, but this has to happen and exist and needs to be next to my laptop and all. I go nuts if I don't find the right planner on time. 
  76. I'm obsessed with chapstick. Any kind. Do have my favorite kind though but am always willing to try out new brands. ;)
  77. Stuffed animals are cute, and yes, I still own a few. ;)
  78. Big bags are my thing. I carry tons with me.
  79. Pizza with onions and ground beef...yummy!!!!!
  80. FarmVille on Facebook is my addiction...I can't give it up and I won't. At least for now.

  81. Summer time means allergy time...and that since I was a cute little four-year-old girl. All my fault. I shouldn't have put fresh grass into my nose. Ok, didn't put it there, I pushed it up there. LOL All true.
  82. I'm a night owl. Usually don't go to bed before 1 or 2 am, unless I have to get up at 5 am.
  83. My toe nails are always painted - in the spring and summer time. Winter...I let them rest.
  84. I let people believe in whatever they want to believe in. As long as they stay true to themselves and understand my beliefs and opinions. I don't judge when it comes to that. I may have tons of questions and can't really see the point in certain things but that doesn't mean I don't like it or judge the person or discriminiate against anyone and anything there. After all you should know I'm very open-minded. ;) 
  85. When I started college I wanted to study psychology. I don't regret the fact that I changed my major but I wonder what made me change my mind.
  86. Quotes are pure inspiration to me. I may not always remember them or know who's responsible for such wonderful wisdom. But it's just great how much they can inspire me.
  87. I won't leave the house without my tiny old but pink iPod. That may change once I get an iPhone but until then...
  88. Taking bubble baths is my favorite way to relax. Add some Michael Buble or get the picture
  89. As a kid I used to have guinea pigs as pets. Don't have any pets now. I wish I had a puppy though.
  90. I am not a US citizen. ;) Having family there and having lived there doesn't automatically make me one.
    Just saying...if you thought I was one... ;) Sorry!

  91. Avocado, Strawberry, and Watermelon is a very good combination.
  92. Summer's my favorite season of all.
  93. I would love to meet the love of my life soon. Unless I already have and didn't notice.
  94. My taste in music is diverse and may surprise some people.
  95. I never had long hair, so now I'm trying to work on that and let it grow a bit more.
  96. Red wine is my favorite; from California of course. And yes, for whoever didn't know...I drink wine. ;)
  97. I think my face's ugly and all, therefore I think I'm not photogenic and hate pretty much all pictures with me in them. Hence, the lack of Selma pictures.
  98. For unknown reasons I'm fascinated by the 1950s!
  99. Friends are important to me. VERY important; no matter how far apart and how little we know each's part of life, and friendship is always very precious.
  100. I love my bloggie friends! I never thought I'd say this but consider yourself hugged and loved and appreciated for everything you've been doing, saying, thinking, posting, ya name it.
And if you're not satisfied yet, click HERE on a previous list about me...I tried not to repeat myself over and over again. Not as easy. I'm sure there's more to me but as I said it would be way too much and just not right to disclose it all. ;)

So, I can't believe I'm literally having 100 followers...not counting those that just read my blog because I told them too (haha!), or those that aren't officially following but still do follow. Does this make any sense? Maybe not. Doesn't matter. Thank you for reading my silly stuff, and thank you for showing me that life can be great...with and without such a great writing tool. :)

Have an amazing day!!!


P.s. and yes, again...all pictures via we ♥ it!!! :D I'm secretly obsessed with that page.

And since I not only have 100 but 101 followers...

101.  I never leave the house without one of my bags filled with wet tissues, paper tissues, wallet, keys, cellphone, my handy "make up case" (with everything in there...from lotion, mirror, band-aid, aspirin, and everything else that may be needed at some point maybe - not just by me) and a water bottle. Depending on where I'm heading a book, my cute camera as well as my iPod are put in there too...big bags are important. Even for tiny me. ;)

Now I'm done!!! ;)


    ♥ Katinka said...

    Selma, that was the best post ever :) I didn't know we had so much in common. I'm an only child, I love Santa Barbara, love the dodgers, I'm a Haippie at heart, love to travel and bubblebaths, have family in the U.S. and am not a U.S. citizen :) how awesome is that? lol I probably forgot something! anyway, you are awesome....BIIIIIIG HUG!!!!

    Ivy said...

    lolol,now that was funny and interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    Btw,if there is any product you miss dearly from the US and want to get it in Switzerland,I've got a cool internet link you can order stuff from the US.That's just in case you're interested (then let me know).

    Have a good one!

    Erin Elizabeth said...

    I love #22- I'm a gemini, only-child who talks to herself, too!! haha.

    Katie said...

    shut up about not being pretty and post some pictures!!! You are crazy!!

    And I love piglet and betty crocker too!! :)

    angela.kolachny said...

    I loved reading this! I never wear a watch either. White roses are my second favorite flower, I hate red ones. I've never tried Pad Thai but I think I need to now!! Happy Wednesday!

    Mara said...

    I'm a Gemini who talks to herself too! (although I'm not an only child)

    Such a fun list!

    Michelle said...

    We have so much in common!!! I always have a huge purse filled with things too, I never leave the house without it.

    samnhal said...

    Oh my goodness Selma, you are amazing. There are so many of these that I wanted to comment about, but then I would see another one that made me realize why we randomly get along through blog comments and now I have forgotten them all. I am a night owl too, lets go on a road trip together and we can be the ones that stay up driving and keeping each other awake. Sound good?

    Megan said...

    Oregon is unfortunately filled with socks and sandals.

    Anonymous said...

    wow, awesome list. :) and congratulations!!

    Jess said...

    Just came across your blog - this is too cute! Congratulations on having over 100 followers! I hope I get there someday. I'm relatively new to blogging, but I'm really enjoying it ;)


    Crazy Shenanigans said...

    Ditto on #47. It's scary!
    I had no idea you weren't a US citizen, I thought you were and then moved overseas!! Where have I been?!?

    xoxoKrysten said...

    That was so fun! I love Bath and Body Works too but my obsession is Butterfly Flower =-)

    Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

    I always order Phad Thai too! I keep feeling like I should branch out, but its just so good!

    OceanDreams said...

    I loved this post and you know how much I love sushi! I liked learning about your socks and I don't wear a watch either. And boy I am thankful for you too! :)

    Sara said...

    I loved knowing all the random things about you!

    Girl With The Golden Touch said...

    Loved reading these! I could never have the patience to do 101 things about me though :0



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