March 5, 2010

Fill in the Blank....

It is Friday again. Time sure flies these days. I also need to start packing which doesn't really excite me but it's part of the deal. "You travel, you gotta pack something even if it's just your toothbrush." Ok, maybe more than just my toothbrush but still...the whole thing freaks me out right now. I have never been to the East Coast around this time of year. I always travel this time of year but to a completely different area where the weather's mild and temps stay around 70 degrees...but now?! It freaks me out. BUT, I'm gonna find a way to pack the right things and if I don't I am more than just sure that my friend has some clothes for me in case winter and snow decide to return when I'm there. She's got three closets so I'm sure there's something for me somewhere...just in case.

So, I'm digressing...first's the Friday usual...Fill in the Blank that Lauren came up with and I love her for that. It's really a great idea to start or end this day or just to get by. Plus, I just love to fill things out.
So, here it goes...
1.  One thing I MUST do before I die is  not just one thing *really? just one?*, but since I really should put one thing down here it is BE A MOM. Yes, Lauren I stole this from you but it's true. And it doesn't sound lame at all. It's something I'd love to become or be and I'm not ashamed to admit that .

2.  I would rather     buy new clothes, bags and toiletries   than   to clean the house   any day.

3.  If I could give my younger self one piece of advice it would be  stick to what you wanted to do in the first place. It may be hard, and you may lose friends but if you just do what they want you do or do things you think makes them happy and keeps you all together you make yourself miserable and miserable is really an awful feeling. You don't want to do this, and you don't want to feel this way, it ruins you and that my friend is not what you want in life. So, go for whatever you want to do, wherever and whenever and don't think twice or three time about it. Do it because YOU want to do it and because YOU feel it's right. Don't listen to anyone else but YOU.

4.  If I won the lottery tomorrow I'd      buy a big house with yard and pool etc etc in my favorite area *away from the city but still not too far away, because ya know I'm a big city girl* and with the best view ever of course, give some of it to my lovely mother, and put the rest in the bank so no debts would ever occur and I would have some sort of security in my life. I would still be working though. I wouldn't give that one up, because it's just money that I won and money alone wouldn't make me happy.

5.  The best surprise ever was   my friend S. surprising me at the airport in San Francisco. I didn't know she was coming. It was her first flight, 10 hours is long, and it made my day, month, year, decade...whatever. Not so sure if she knows how much I appreciate and love her, but I really really do . *and i know she reads this, so it's all good now, 'k?*

6.  My biggest fault is   not being able to stick to what I wanna do. Ok, I do, but my mind goes 400 m/h sometimes and that's fast. I can't fully decide what I want or need to do first instead I either put it off or ignore it and then end up miserable or worse because I sort of failed life or something. I am working on it. For sure. Not as easy as it sounds but I am working on it. Slowly but I am .

7.  My biggest strength is   that I can easily adapt to almost any situation, person, or culture. I'm sure there are some things I just can't deal with or not know how to react or just feel uncomfortable with but that's normal. But, I am quite open to whatever's happening or might be happening, and since I'm a people person too I think this sort of is a bonus. I realized this a long time ago, and someone pointed this one out to apparently it's not only what I think but also what others see in me .

So, this was my Fill in the Blank Friday!!
If you want to play along or just read what others had to say go on over to awesome Lauren and her blog and scroll down a bit because her post today is long! ;)

In other news...I am super duper stoked today.
I may even do a little dance at home so no one sees me, because I'm still in my PJ's. ;)
Why you ask?! Awwwww...I won a wonderful and super cute giveaway Sam had going on. I'm so stoked, and beyond happy. You may think "come on, calm down!", and yes, I'm not going to overdo this here but ya know, for the past 15 years I've been participating in little contests, giveaways ya name it and I never ever won. Some stores had special giveaways and since the whole thing was free I always tried to participate and maybe win at least something tiny. Never ever happened. My friend C., and my friend K. and their families on the other hand always won something. Even trips to London!!!! Hello?!!! My luck vanished or was never around. So TODAY I am super happy and just want to thank my GoodLuck today... and thank you Sam, of course!!!! :)   (>_<)

So, gotta dance now.



xoxoKrysten said...

Being able to adapt is definitely an important strength. Have a great weekend lady!

Savvy Gal said...

So with you on No. 2.... : ) Happy Friday.

Simply Me said...

Being able to adapt to anything and everything ..i agree its a big strength go girl :)
Happy weekend !!

samnhal said...

Oh yay, I am glad that you winning made your day good, that makes me happy.


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