March 30, 2010

Girl interrupted...and a mouse to wrestle with

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Hello my lovelies.
I am back on this blog world. Not for long but at least for today.
It's been raining. It's been wet and ugly, however, not as ugly as everyone says. Everything's blossoming which makes the city look more beautiful than it already is. And the little rain that came down yesterday (ok, not so little, but the one I experienced while outside) wasn't bad at all. My pants didn't get wet. Ha, this sounds bad. But ya know what I mean? You walk around when it's raining and then your lower back part of your jeans or pants or whatever (almost your entire leg sometimes) gets wet and clings to your leg or so which makes it all feel super gross. This always happens to me. Always. Apparently not in Philly. Oh how I love this place already!!!!!
So yes, I went to the city and walked in my super comfy Shape-Ups up and down and up and down those streets. In short, I went shopping. For like five hours and didn't end up buying lots though. The shopping world is against me. Maybe this is better, but maybe it's also very bad. I need clothes. Sounds horrible but I didn't bring much with me and I want to wear new things every single day and experience a bit with this or that and without many options to choose from this attempt sort of goes down the I need clothes. But apparently March and shopping...not my thing. Oh, but I spent like $170 at Target the other day. I'm one of those that can't stop herself once in that store...and I didn't even buy DVDs...which I originally wanted. Then again, we're going to another Target so they might have what I want...or not. Souvenirs (or what people wanted from over here) are half way bought already. More is needed. I know what they want, and I love that. So the second I have it all together I'm going to send it all away so the heavy souvenir shopping burden is gone. ;-)

Today I am staying home.
YES, I am. I'm gonna be a cheerful cleaning... (at least the bathroom, and living room), and then try and fight with a mouse. Yes, you read right...we have a little monster amongst us. It's not a rat. It's a mouse. Tiny, young, but getting bigger by the minute because that thing is eating our chips...and cookies. So we had to throw them away. Nothing else was appealing apparently. It doesn't like flavored things so we're good there. I saw it yesterday and freaked out. Don't get me wrong, I don't care much about mice and don't normally freak out when I see them. Besides they're animals and all that, but I don't want it in the kitchen nor near my shoes (long story...) nor anywhere on me or whatever. Nope. So I'm going to have a fight long one...haha. Ok, we also called someone so that should help...we'll see. Wish me luck!!!!!!

So, that's about it...I'm ready to clean now...and it's just almost 9.30pm. woohoo...

Happy Tuesday everyone.




Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay! I'm glad you're having a good time!

ChloƩ said...

awww! have fun cleaning! i am sorry i have been MIA for a while! that is so funny you say that about pants getting wet..i seriously have had this invention in my mind for years about creating some sort of pants that have plastic or waterproof material on the inside bottom! haha, i seriously shoud do it.
oh, and i consider it lucky if i walk out of target without spending over $100... that place gets me everytime! hope you have a lovely day Selma!!

samnhal said...

Yikes a mouse! My sister uses these cool things that plug into an outlet and emit a sound that keeps the mice away. It seems to work because they don't have mouse problems anymore. I love target, I swear, you can't not spend money there.

Jess said...

Oooh...mouse does not sound fun. I don't mind them in a cage, running on their little wheel, but definitely wouldn't want to see one scurrying across my counters! Good luck with that!

Glad the rain isn't putting a "damper" on your trip (sorry, really couldn't think of a better word :)). If it's any consolation, it's supposed to rain in here in CA tomorrow, too!!

Have a great day :)

Katie said...

haha have fun cleaning!!!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Glad you are having fun!

Mara said...

haha i hate being a cheerful "housewife." cleaning is so not my favorite. I'm so glad you're having a great time!


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