November 24, 2009

Monday recap...

Monday was a good day until I got wet and started a swearing rampage. The latter part wasn't as drastic.
Well, I had my GBL (grande of course) which cost $8.40 so yes, that is expensive. :(
Anyway...I met most of my co-workers at the bus station and then we headed over to the IMAX and watched Dinosaurs in 3D. At one point I thought I would get hit by one of them but that was mainly it. Most of us got headaches...we all expected more of the movie about those giant creatures but hey, the movie was for free so no real complaining again. We then took the bus again to go back to the city center and had some Bosnian appetizers...very yummy. Then we headed to our final destination and dinner was good. Everything was just nice and cozy and all until some people decided to leave early, which I don't blame them because most of them have to work from 6.30 am again.
We were also allowed to bring our spouses...of course I didn't bring anyone but my good humor, and my obvious health problem but I was doing fine. Took my medicine and felt like a little baby all warm and happy. ;) Then, on our table was this couple...he works in the restaurant, and she well is his wife or whatever you want to call her because their partnership is just very weird and very just not understandable but I'm not judging. Anyhow, she stands up and knocks over a wine glass. A full wine glass. Red wine! On me!!! Thank you! That's when I started using some not so healthy words some may say but just because of her reaction. You know what she said to me? Go and get some mineral water! My reaction was...why don't you get that mineral water for me, because you are to blame for all that. Oh no, why should I? And then she left. Home. Bye.
So, my reaction to this scenario...I think I don't have to explain that one.
My evening was done, right there and then. 

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So, I woke up very early today, and started doing some laundry. Hopefully the red wine stains are gone by the time all four items of mine are dried up!!! If not...
Don't wanna go there.

On a much better and happier note...
Lately it's that time of year again...the time of annoying phone calls. At home. You see, in the telephone book over here next to the phone number most people have this little black star next to it. This star means that the person does not want to be bothered with ridiculously annoying phone calls by strangers, companies trying to sell stuff and all that crap. So, my phone number has this star. Most of the time it works. Not for the past week though. I realized that I got calls every morning or around noon, sometimes around 5pm...the caller ID shows "private" which means the number is blocked. I'm not picking up the phone when I don't know the number or well, in this case, don't even see a freakin' number. But it got on my nerves.
So, yesterday, before I went out to get my coffee and dinosaur fun, I got this call again. Pissed, but determined to answer it this time so the calls would end, I picked it up. I only spoke English. The reaction was hilarious. First of all, there was a pause. My saying "hello, can you hear me?" reminded me of verizon's commerical (the "now" was missing though) and then after a second pause a woman started to speak German to me, which annoyed me even more. So I went on explaining to her that I don't understand her and don't speak whatever language she's using (and well, you should all know I know German, and speak it perfectly well). She then still wanted to talk to me in German and sell stuff whereas I told her "I don't understand you and therefore I'm hanging up!" And I did that.
So, this morning...about ten minutes ago my phone rings again. It's on mute, so I only see its screen blinking at me and then I see "private" again. WTF?!!! I pick it up, same procedure as yesterday, and realize the man now wants to talk in Turkish first...then since I don't give in and do my English speech he realizes he needs to speak German which of course ain't gonna work on me. "OH sh...." came from his side of the line and well he hung up. Thank you!!!!!

Let that be a lesson to all of you trying to call me with a blocked number, and then trying to sell something. I won't give in. I won't speak to you, and I will definitely piss you off by using a language you are not familiar with and can't speak. One of us is going to hang up, and it most probably is going to be you the private caller.

If you are not trying to sell something with a blocked number you better tell me you are a friend of mine!!

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I was wondering though what would happen if at some point I get someone on the phone speaking English? Hmmm...I might just tell him or her or them to go to...let's really not go there!

Lesson learned?! Hope so.

Have a good one!


Manju said...

that lady with the wine glass..omg that is just soooooooo rude!

Kristin said...

$8.40? WOW! I started unplugging the phone because telemarketers were calling every day in the afternoon and waking the dude up from his nap. Mama needs the break that is naptime!

Katie said...

omg! I hope the red wine comes out, that is so freaking annoying!!!

Carol said...

ugh!! how annoying!

samnhal said...

I can't believe she did that, how rude and didn't even apologize or anything? Your phone tactics are amazing.

The SSS Sophisticate said...

That is genius! I need to learn some phrases in another language and use that on soliciters! I hope they stop bothering you!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh honey! I hope the wine comes out!!!! And 8 bucks?! NO!

Loving Life in Southern California! said...

What a day! Funny pics! Have a great Thanksgiving!


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