November 24, 2009

Thankful for #2

Today, I'm thankful for being a bit international...
Thankful also for my uncle reminding me once in a while that no matter where we live, and what we do, our heritage/origin/background is always with us. It belongs to us as much as we belong to it. He sent me a link a few days ago and I was just able to watch it...and then discovered it turned out it was a link to's main page and "Where in the World" series with Matt Lauer and his journey to Istanbul. He was there in 2008, I think in May. I remember hearing about his world journeys but never got to see them.
Reading about the city and its history or looking at pictures in a book and all is one thing, but seeing pictures, live completely different and so with that said I'm sharing a couple of links with you...enjoy!

The videos might take a while until they're ready and all, and right now I get very weird Target commercials showing, too. What is up with that? Could it be any weirder?! Anyways, the links do work, I just tested them. ;) Haha!!!
Have fun!

Video # 1

Video # 2

Video # 3
my favorite link, a city full of contrasts... :)

Video # 4
and she's right about NYC and Turkish restaurants!!! ;-)

Video # 5

The chef has a weird accents, so not Turkish...but he is Turkish. Funny.

Video # 6
Matt's calculation on Starbucks coffee is a bit too much.
Still, the coffee costs more than in the US.

There are plenty other videos available. Not just from Istanbul.
This just made my day.

Hope you are having a fabulous day!!!!
Happy Tuesday everyone!


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