November 26, 2009

Ugly Truth. Keep It To Yourself!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Time went by rather quickly and most of you are away back home with family and friends to celebrate a nice Thanksgiving weekend...a long one. Hope you are having a great day, a great rest of the week, and an even greater time wherever you are and whatever you are doing!!! :)

Anyhow...I caught up on my blog reading and even though I simply couldn't answer all of your wonderful writings I just learned (again) that some of you had some ugly encounters with ugly comments (again). You aren't alone and you aren't the first ones and unfortunately also not the last ones.
So far I've been blessed enough receiving nice comments, supportive ones too and I love you all for that. Thanks a million. I just wonder WHY do  people even bother writing ugly stuff onto other people's blogs and literally tell them they suck and hate them?! I mean, why?! Are we in kindergarten? Apparently. 6th grade?! Maybe. I just think it's stupid and very very very immature. 

To me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one here, blogs are like journals. Diaries. Maybe not so intimate diaries but you know what I mean. You want to share things with others, write down what's on your mind and just keep things on here so you can look back at pretty much everything at some time in the future. I think it's a great thing, and that is partly also why I started blogging. But that I won't discuss right now. Maybe some other time. So, blogs are here for everyone. Not everyone has the same taste, or style and therefore all of our blogs are unique and just represent ourselves. Right?! Hope so. So, whatever we have to say, or write about we just do it. Sometimes we may not, but this is totally up to the writer. Right?! Hope so. Well, last I checked my blog belongs to me, and I can and will write whatever I want to share and say. I'm not going to sugar code stuff (so far it has not come close to, and I won't try to please you as my lovely readers. It is my blog and my thoughts, and my life so to speak. You do the same on yours. It's your blog after all. Right? Hope so.
Well, that is what I don't understand...why do other people, apparent writers as well, try to ruin the fun with ugly comments?! It's ok if you don't like what others have to say. You don't have to like everyone and everything. But do you have to point it out?! Leave the blog and find another one you like. Plus, the worst of all I think is when haters leave anonymous comments...pretty lame! So, even though your ugly comments aren't much wanted if you feel like sharing your ugliness and harsh words stand up for what you believe (or not) in. Be true to yourself and let others know who you are. Don't hide. We aren't. And if you think it's better to leave the name away...then please, just leave the blog, too and stop writing shitty stuff.

You may wonder...nothing has happened to her, so why does she bother with that topic?
Well, as I mentioned above blogs are like journals and I write whenever I feel like it. Like most of you. And I once wrote that writing helps. No matter when and how. So, I feel like writing. So much is going through my head right now I can't think straight. So, while catching up on blogs I came across some stories by my fellow blog friends and just thought it was worth writing about it. If you don't like it, it is okay. I don't blame you. It's rather silly I know (since it hasn't happened to me) but it's something that makes me think - a lot. And I feel like writing about it so let me, please. Thank you.
Now, if you take my sentence "writing helps, no matter where and how" then don't think you can harrass me with ugly comments. I meant and always mean that writing helps but on your own damn blog!!!! Not on mine, and not on anyone else's nice blog either. Stop it. Bother your own blog if you even have one and let us nice bloggers alone. It may not be worth even writing to you, talking about you, and you may not even read this but I don't care. It's what it is. My blog with my thoughts. Period!!!

So, with that said...I'm thankful for my own blog.
Its style changes a lot, depending on my mood, life issues and's what it is. Crazy. Strange. Random. You name it. I'm also thankful to have found great people on here. I'm also thankful to have some sort of a shelter and don't have to sleep on the street (ok, drastic but it could be worse), I'm thankful for my friends whom I miss every day, but am also thankful for the very few friends I have where I am. In addition I'm also thankful for my laptop still running, my camera, my health (so far), my book collection (I know it's weird), my life so far with its constant downs and very few ups (but there's always a reason behind this), and I'm thankful for just being even able to be thankful. I'm even thankful for my daily coffee and the fact my favorite bakery here got rid of its fabulous donuts. They were awesome, just like DD's. Dunkin Donuts doesn't exist here so having had some other chance to get yummy sugery donuts was a blessing. They got rid of them about five months ago and shattered my world but today I'm thankful for exactly that act. Less calories for me. haha. I'm thankful for materialistic things (so lame, I know) and for all the other items, moments, things that have enhance my life so far. I never thought I'd be doing what I'm doing at my age, at this place, right now and I do want to change all that, but for right's good the way it is. It could be worse. I coule be broke, incredibly sick, injured, or worse.
So I am thankful for being me, today and now; with everything that comes with it...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Havea  great holiday!!!


P.s. Oh boy this one ended up being longer than I wanted. :(


Malin said...

awww, such a sweet post... I especially liked the part about the donuts! ;)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Hope you have a great Thankgiving over there! I know what you mean about negative comments, I just dont get why people want to go on others blogs and be completely negative! So rude!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this, seriously. it is nice to know that i am not the only one who feels this way. it is so hard not to take things personal when someone is attacking a place that is all about you. a place where you can put all your unfiltered thoughts if you feel like it. where you can just be completely random and crazy. it sucks when people feel the need to anonymously let you know that they don't like you. i like what you said about at least putting your name on it. it's not fair that they feel they can go criticize someone else's blog, but then have nothing for anyone else to criticize them on. not that i would go around doing that, but it is cowardly. anyway, i am glad you wrote this. i wish more people felt this way! i think you are awesome selma! i always appreciate your kind and thoughtful comments. i hope that you have a great weekend!

Tokyo Girl said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ugly comments come from ugly people trapped in their ugly thoughts unfortunately. I think your blog is fab, so keep on sharing your thoughts with us :)

PS. At this very moment I'm grateful for my cinnamon hazelnut morning coffee!

my name is lauren. said...

i completely agree.

it seems pretty pointless. if i come across a blog i don't like i just find another one. end of story. blogging is personal, and who am i to judge someone else's?

long or not, good post.

Katie said...

I agree, people who leave mean comments are rude and immature. It is your personal space to write your thoughts, its not someone elses place to ruin it!


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