November 1, 2009


Welcome November!
I wasn't looking forward to seeing you at all, and I'm still not sure whether I should be happy you arrived. This past year has gone by incredibly fast it is almost unbelievable. I hope though you are going to guide me through my tough decisions, show me new paths and ideas to enhance my life each day. I have big hopes for the both of us. But, what I do know is that you bring us closer to December, month of Christmas. However, I would really appreciate it if you could slow down a little and give us all more time in life. Thank you November! Can I now let go of summer and fall?! Prrreeeaaaasssssee?!??? I can? Wonderful. Thank you.

I never wanted to put up pictures of what I bought, because I think it's not worth showing what I bought or what now is mine or what I walk around with. Though, with November having started just now I thought it was nice to show some color. It's going to be a rather depressing month with lots of gray days, rain and fog. I have high hopes and those include lots of sunshine but who am I kidding?! So, by sort of knowing what we can expect over here I decided I'd be putting up my favorite three objects...those that remind me of late fall, of a fantastic month of September, and of what I call happiness.

I carry this bag with me wherever I go. Love the color, and the size.
Almost everything goes in there! Awesome!

My Nine West shoes. Not as expensive as I thought they'd be and
very comfortable, too. Never thought this would happen.
Can I wear those around Christmas?! Doubt it.

 My lovely, fluffy comment.

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween, went out to some parties (maybe?), and just enjoyed the weekend.
I stayed home. My life is lame. Very boring. Yes, I did watch horror movies but come on...they are lame, too. Every year they play the same I already know what's not gonna happen to Jamie Lee Curtis. The Ring was on, too but I just skipped that one...saw it too many times. The older ones (the ones I had been looking forward to) were not on which is sad. They've got this pretty little vintage twist to them which makes 'em way more interesting.


Sara said...

I'd never watch horror movies! I still have trouble sleeping and have issues with the dark when I do :D

Love the bag! I really really do!! And I love how all the items match in a way!

Annie said...

the bag is so pretty!! the shoes are fun too!! the dress too cute!
scary movies are so not my thing! i can't watch them ;)

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I'm lame too! I stayed in and relaxed all weekend. I didn't even feel like going out.

I love your new bag!

Eri said...

Hi, I just came across your blog and much enjoyed it.

I hope to see you soon.

Carol said...

Where did November come from?! Feels like it was just September!

Anonymous said...

i love the dress.


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