November 13, 2009

Happy Friday

Today is one of those days people are afraid of. It is Friday, and it is also the 13th of the month. Scary day, bad day, and worst day of all. I remember a time when we were supposed to take a test that day and our teacher asked us if we wanted to because it was Friday and the 13th. We rescheduled the thing and well, that was it. I think I failed that test. :(  I don't care what number it is and I don't really care what day. Friday, 13th, both are fine with me. In fact, I call it my lucky day! Friday 13th!!!!! Looks funny when I write it out though.'s a lucky day, my lucky day, and so far it's always been good to me. Let's hope it stays that way!!!!!

And well, since I'm clearly looking forward to the weekend...I thought I'd share some pictures I found online. :) Happy Friday everyone!!!!

All from We ♥ It! ;)
I just thought they looked cute.
Just looking at them makes me smile!



Anonymous said...

haha those pics are sooo cute! so i love friday the 13th! i was married that day! and today is our 8 month anniversary! haha, i used to always have terrible friday the 13ths, and we didn't pick to get married on friday the just sorta happened. but i like how you say it is lucky :) i hope you have a fantastic day today!!

Brunch at Saks said...

Love the photos- especially the first one! SO cute! I'm not superstitious much either, but I always am kind of aware and on alert when Fridays fall on the 13th! Have a great weekend love XOXO

Jenni said...

awww I love them!!! SO CUTE!!! I agree with Friday the 13th being lucky! I am having a phenomenal day!!!!!!

The SSS Sophisticate said...

Pugs are so cute! I am sorta superstitious about today, but I am going to try my best to make it lucky!

Katie said...

haha funny pictures! Happy Friday!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

these pictures just make me want to get a little pug! but i do have an adorable little pomeranian, who snores like a pug, so i'm good!


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