November 5, 2009

Feel (Not So) Fine

Just when you think it's all good and all perfect it all turns out naturally imperfect!

I'm a bit disappointed. Not pissed but I wish I was. Ok, maybe I am.
I just found out that the planned dinner tomorrow (and by planned I mean we've had this planned for almost two months!) is sort of cancelled. Sort of meaning it still happens (thankgoodness, otherwise I would definitely be pissed) but it's not going to happen in the originally planned location. I wish the restaurant was closed due to some unexpected swine flu attack or flooding or other disaster but NO it is open...bright and shiny! So why aren't we going to that place? We aren't going because it is a tiny bit too far and traffic may occur (duh!!!), and my friend's friend is off duty. Ok, to give you a quick info... Over two months ago my friend (we've known each other since first grade) and I decided to explore new restaurants. It just so happened that one of her friends got a new job at a Mexican restaurant in a town about 30 to max. 40 minutes away from this tiny city. We wanted to go see what it was like. We then decided it would be more fun to make a girls' night out of this. Date was set, all girls were able join and have fun, reservation was made, etc etc etc. Awesome! Just a side note: I like Mexican food, but I don't really like it over here. I prefer the real deal, or the slightly real deal in SoCal. Plus, over here, it's just so expensive!!! I hate paying $30 just for one plate and that just for one person. But, if I get a chance to explore new restaurants, even an expensive Mexican one, I don't care (not really). I need distraction, I need things to cheer me up so why not!?!!! Plus, even though we live in the same city/town we rarely get to see each other. We might have been friends a long time ago, close ones even, and I'm so terribly sad that the word friendship means more to me than it means to them. Meeting about every four months is not going to work for me. I miss having friends. So yeah, that was just the side note.
So, this morning I get a text message from one of the other girls telling me that we'll meet at 8pm (as planned) at a completely different Mexican restaurant here in town! NOT in the original location. No! Right here, right around the corner (so to speak) and I was shocked. I thought I lost my reading skills somewhere over night because I wasn't really getting any of it. I mean, what happened to the other place? Why aren't we going to the "right" place?! I was slightly confused and didn't know what to answer so all I wrote back was "Thanks for the info. See you tomorrow." I ate breakfast, and drank my coffee with the hope I'd be gaining more reading and comprehending skills and then read the message again. Was it a bad dream?! It sure wasn't.
So I called my friend (my "first grade" friend) and asked what had happened. It turned out she was mad, too. She didn't understand the world anymore. Apparently, the other girls decided it wasn't worth driving all the way over there. Plus, my friend's friend (the one that works there) is off duty today. Moreover, oh yes, they didn't want to drive all the way over there because of traffic. So, they decided to change the location. WITHOUT asking first! WITHOUT asking any of us or have some sort of a quick discussion over this. So when I asked my friend what had happened she was mad, confused, and just said : "I didn't want to fight over this but I think their idea stinks!" WORD.
So, tomorrow's dinner is going to happen. Just not the way it was planned. And I'm pissed. I was so looking forward to going to a restaurant that none of us had been to. Now, we're going to a Mexican restaurant (woohoo) that we've all been to so many times (booooo on that - big time!) and quite frankly it's not my favorite spot at all.

I am not necessarily pissed about the fact that we're going to some other restaurant. I'm pissed about the fact that they changed the location due to possible traffic. Come again?! What traffic? Yes, I may not be driving in here (ever heard of public transportation, and walking? Plus, have I mentioned how tiny this place is?!) but I know what we have here is not worth being called traffic or traffic jam! People over here whine like little babies if they arrive five minutes later than planned, or have to wait a few minutes longer during rush hour. I recall an evening with a friend of mine in her car. We had to wait one (!!!!) minute (and I'm not making this up, it was just one short minute...nothing more, maybe even less than that) and she freaked out. I looked at her at and said "you sure, you want to go to Los Angeles?! Because once you get stuck on the 405 merging with the 101 you will experience traffic and that (referring to the "traffic jam" in front of us) my friend is just people driving and not being stuck at all! Stop whining!" She admitted she overreacted. Thank you. Unfortunately her insight didn't last long enough. She never made it to L.A. either.

Am I mad?! I might be.
I don't like complaining but I do it too often.
Then again, it is better to get it all out than to keep it all in.
Anger, frustration, pain and unhappiness can eat your soul.
I don't want that to happen. Ever.
I so don't feel fine anymore....
...good thing is, I found cute Christmas stuff online and it made me arrange all Christmas DVDs I have! Can't wait to watch all of them. Yay on that!

P.s. And my friend and I decided to go alone to that "new" restaurant! Not tomorrow, but maybe next month!
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Katie said...

I would be so annoyed! That is so rude to change plans without talking to everyone first!

The SSS Sophisticate said...

Booo! I hate when people change plans for no good reason! At least it's not cancelled.

Mara said...

aw that's SO frustrating! it's happened before with my group of friends too. don't be down though. just be determined to have many more new restaurant adventures!

Sara said...

I hate how that ruined your previously happy mood! :(


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