November 5, 2009

Feel Fine

This week I'm happy about

♥ Having found most of the Christmas presents (things that sort of work with my budget)
♥ Finally exploring a new restaurants (Friday night, Mexican)
♥ Green Day concert on Sunday (guys I missed you a ton, and you definitely bring back home to me)
♥ Putting away all Halloween decoration and slowly getting all Christmas decoration out (Yes, I'm one of those people!)
♥ Catching up with friends, and family via Skype, MSN, Facebook, normal Email address and good old snail mail (living away from friends and family is not always easy)

Things I'm not so happy about

♦ Going back to work (even just for the rest of this month)
♦ The rain (and the cold wind!)
♦ My on and off dizziness (but it's getting better)
♦ The fact that I need to wrap all the X-Mas presents and have them sent by Nov. 20 at the very latest
♦ Cleaning
♦ My dry skin (cold outside, hot wonder my skin's been acting up)

Things I miss

♣ Big city life
♣ Going to baseball and football games
♣ Shopping at Target (I know it's lame, but it's so true it's not even funny)
♣ Going to the movies with a bunch of friends
♣ Exploring Chinatown and Japantown
♣ Taking pictures, because I feel like it (hasn't happened in a while)
♣ Palm Trees, Sand, and the Pacific
♣ In-n-Out Burgers with a vanilla shake
♣ Temps in the 70s
♣ Cheap Sushi
♣ Affordable stuff (I feel like money's going down the drain like every minute)
My city! My home! So long...

One day it may all come true.
Have a fabulous day! 


Sara said...

I love this post!!

Manju said...

oh wow you're done with xmas presents shopping already!?!

Kelly said...

Mmmmm, in&out burgers :-) I miss them too!

Katie said...

I love christmas decorations!!!

Annie said...

oh hun, i don't know how you survive without target! :(
sorry to hear your dinner plans didn't end up working out. i hope you get to try that mexi place soon!
yay for christmas decor! i can't wait to start getting mine out!! :)


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