November 19, 2009


Yes!!! The title says it all. Am I right?

Thank God It's Friday And My Last Day Of Work, For Now!

As I said the title says it all.
Some of you may have read a few months back that I had some rough times with one of my co-workers. I still do. Not directly though which can be seen as less dramatic but still...the not so obvious war between us is actually worse! So, for once, I'm extremely happy that this part of my life is over. For now. It may return for a short while but I can assure you that this will be settled and ended pretty soon. I had my fair share with her rudeness and bad attitude and I am literally done with it. I blame all my health issues on her. Harsh, maybe, but I had never had such bad problems in my entire life and these just got worse in the last 14 months. If I continue what I'm doing I will literally ruin myself and I won't allow this to happen. My life's way too precious and I want to fully live my life and enjoy every single second and not think twice about how I'm going to react or even act when it's about time to see her. Just to give you an idea on how bad it's been...about two hours before I have to face her I get sick. Real sick. I can't eat, drink or even think clearly. The bathroom very close to my office is my best friend. Gross. Yes. But it's the truth. The minute I step outside and leave to go home I'm relieved, but filled with so much anger I always want to return and smash something at her. I won't ever do this because I know better but just the thought right now makes me happy. I'm horrible I know.
The picture above says it all...Remember Who You Are. I have to remember who I am, or basically who I once was. Months ago I wrote that I had lost myself and that's true even until today. :(

Either way, it is Friday and it is my last day!
So looking forward to my paycheck, and tonight's dinner and then the weekend.
As usual I'll be spending that one at home watching movies. :) I'm a dork, I know.

Happy Friday everyone!!!


P.s. wish I had my camera with me...on my way to work it was foggier than ever before. Felt like back in the 1800's somewhere in England around Jack The Ripper that name even spelled correctly.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

You're totally right! Life is way too short for you to be under stress and not enjoying everyday. I think that's great that you've decided to leave. Do you have another job lined up or are you taking some time off?

Kelly said...

Happy Friday to you too! Sorry that work is so crappy for you... have you thought about finding something else that you looove? Sounds like you deserve a great weekend, relaxing at home :-) Have a good one!

The SSS Sophisticate said...

Wait, is this your last day there forever?? Happy Friday to you! Enjoy the weekend!

mart and lu said...

i know how you feel...i went through something like this...and it is such a relief when you can just walk away from it! yay for watching movies over the weekend!

Mara said...

I'm so glad it's friday too! Have a great weekend!

Manju said...

put it all behind you, the good times start now ^^
have a lovely weekend darling :)

Katie said...

Have a great weekend!!!!


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