November 9, 2009


Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was okay.
(When I say okay it usually means it could have been better but it was alright.)

Saturday I went back to work. Getting dressed was the best part about it. But it ended right there and then.
The minute I entered the building I felt as if I was dragged around on the floor. I didn't feel like doing anything which is a definite sign that I hate it. I don't hate the job itself because I love interacting with all kinds of people but I simply hate it now, and have actually for the past two years. Two years ago it was more fun, more interesting, more everything it clearly isn't today. Something's missing. . The urge to fulfill the necessary obligation towards others (at this job you just owe this obligation to others) is gone. I don't see it anymore. Not in me, not in others...and that is what depresses me. With this place it feels like a love-hate relationship you want to end but sometimes just can't because there's still hope somewhere that something, anything will change. The ugly truth behind it though is just plain ugly because nothing is ever going to change. But I digress...
Work has been ok for the first hour and then after that it was just one long drag. Luckily we are allowed to take books with us so if we feel bored we can read. We cannot just leave early because there's no work for us or we feel like going home early, we have to stick to our odd working hours, and sit so our behind gets rounder and bigger and we might get a call from J.Lo asking for the secret of our well formed butt (because hers lost its track somewhere down the line). So far, it's been boring and no call from J.Lo. Yet. And besides getting a bigger butt by sitting endless hours, I got hit on by a guy. Normally, I'd be thrilled and would definitely say "yay" but he must have been 70 if not more years old and that my lovelies is just way too old for me! Thank you, but NO thank you. Yuck.

Good thing though is I started reading a new book. Finally finished Bright Shiny Morning and can say that I actually liked it even though I wrote about having problems with it at the beginning. There were parts that just seemed to be endless and just not going anywhere but in the end I felt great having read 250 pages in one day. James Frey is awesome. I still prefer his first book. BSM is nothing compared to A Million Little Pieces. But, it was a good one and a book I would recommend only to people knowing Los Angeles. Others might be grossed out, scared, shocked, or who knows what. I liked it. Period.
Now, I'm reading The Pact by Jodi Picoult. Quite a difference. I've read most of her books and was never disappointed. Let's hope this book is not going to change that.

Are you reading anything at the moment?!
Let me know, it might give me ideas on what to buy next.

Sunday I slept in for the most part. Watched season 2 of How I Met Your Mother, and got ready to go to Green Day's concert. It might not be your favorite band but it is one of mine. Never fully liked them at the very beginning of their career but about 12 years ago it just hit me and I knew it was going to be one of my favorite ones. Ya know, I could listen to them, sing along and then in an instant listen to please don't judge. Plus, my guys always bring back home to me. Miss the Bay Area. Other places are missed more, but the Bay Area has its own flair and boy do I miss that. But I digress...
The concert was beyond awesome!!! Can't fully put it into words but it was awesome. It was sold out and we had the best view to the stage, and the best view to pretty much anything was breathtaking to see thousands of people enjoying a Sunday night filled with great lyrics, and great sounds. Thanks guys for making this one a night to remember!!!! Yay!!!!


And didn't happen this weekend but I'm super happy about this winter season just because I get to drink my Gingerbread Latte again!!! So many memories are attached to this red/white paper cup filled with dangerously good coffee it brought back tears. I'm not kidding. I shed tears the second I had my first sip of my Gingerbread Latte. This happens sometimes. It's rare but when it happens it is a sign I missed something. A lot. I sure did. It was the same when I had some special Turkish food in Istanbul this year. Apparently I must have missed it because two tears escaped my eyes and that meant something. I'm not super emotional but this sometimes happens. Plus, it's normal I guess. A friend and I (years ago at a Japanese restaurant downtown L.A) were crying while eating something delicious. I so don't recall anymore what it was but I sure remember us crying like two crazy girls. And then, a couple of days later I remember another friend of mine crying over food she had missed and hadn't had in months. We called it the crying week. But see?? I digress come I can talk about my first winter 2009 coffee experience and then suddendly end up in 2003 in Japanese restaurants, and recall the fact that we named it the crying week?
Ah, this now made me think of rice bowls, and hot flavored coffee...odd combination but I simply don't care.
*and I do have to mention I felt one tear on my cheek on Sunday night, too*

Gotta love them!!


P.s. if you were wondering how the Mexcian food night went on Friday. It was good. I felt dizzy which wasn't tons of fun, and parking was awful. My wallet is $50 lighter and I'm still full. I blame it on the cheese. But it was a good night, despite my anger. They apologized which was nice. So all in was an okay night. ;-)


Sara said...

got to love mondays :S

It's good they apologized and that you had fun!

Yay for starting new books :D

Kelly said...

LOVE Jodi Piccoult and The Pact. Right now I'm reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It's a young adult lit book, but SSSOOO good-- set in the far future where kids are put into a sort of gladiator fight-to-the-death terrain for the annual Hunger Games for the whole nation to watch from home. Really conceptual and exciting :-) And how I love HIMYM! Hope you're feeling better today!

Annie said...

sorry to hear you hate your job hun :( that would really stink!
glad to hear you had an awesome time at the concert though! i love concerts!!
boo to mondays ;)

Katie said...

I had to work saturday and sunday and I felt the EXACT same way!

Mara said...

aw green day! that must have been so fun! i'm sorry work wasn't that great. hopefully it will get better or you can find something else you like better :)

The SSS Sophisticate said...

I love Starbucks' winter drinks! A peppermint mocha just tastes like Christmas! Love it!

Annemarie said...

Oh how fun! What awesome seats too!!! Hope you have a good day XOXO

A Living Hale said...

Change of Heart by Jodi Piccoult or her book Nineteen Minutes...they both are amazing!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Nineteen Minutes is my favorite so far. I read in less than half a week. Just couldn't put it away. :)


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